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Loosing too much sleep...

after the last weeks were quite busy i'm going to write a bit about Lapland and Vanhojen Tanssit.
on wednesday 7th i left (together with 70 other exchange students) to Lapland. after 14 hours in the train we finally arrived in Rovaniemi. first of all we went to visit the Arktikum Museum. but no on really listened, cause we were all too tired, as we hadn't been sleeping much in the train. after 2 more hours in the bus we arived in Kairosmaja, where we had nice houses and a sauna near a big lake. the nature there was soo beautiful and there was really a lot of space.
the first 2 days i went skiing which was fun. the first day was a bit boring, cuz there was just one slope opened, because it was so windy that the other lifts couldn't be used. but on the second day there were more slopes opened and it was really fun. in the evenings we always had a sauna and then went swimming in the lake or taking a snow-bath. once i was sliding into the lake, cuz it was so slippery. that hurt a bit and i was bleeding, but now it's ok again =)
then i went ice-fishing, to the amnethyst mine and later to the spa. one evening we had a miss-lappi-contest, where the girls dressed the boys as girls. that was pretty fun =) that evening we also saw the Northern Lights. that was really beautiful and one of my dreams to see them
we played a lot of cards and had funny nights and tired days.
one evening we also had pancakes which we "grilled" over the fire.
all in all i really enjoyed this trip and it was over much too fast. i really miss all the nice people and the good companionship as well as the nature. somehow it was a small shock to return to helsinki - the "big" city.

we returned on wednesday morning at 7... then i slept 3 hours and went to school, cause i had to pay some tickets for the dancing.
vanhohojen tanssit (old dances) were the next day in the evening. i went to the hairdresser at 9.30 and got really nice hair and make-up which took 2 1/2 hours to make. then i had the photo at 15h and the group photo at 18h... at 19h the dance started and took around 2 hours. it went pretty well, eventhough i hadn't been there for the final parctise. after the dance we went to eat in helsinki. in resteraunt of a hotel where u had a view over the city. the food was really good. we were ome around 12.30 and the next morning we had another dance at 10. the bad thing was, that i couldn't sleep too good with my hair, cause i had to be careful not do destroy it.
also the second act went well and after that i was really glad to be allowed to wash my hair =) then i took a nap and went to alex in the evening. later we went to the after-party where almost everyone was already drunk when we arrived at 10h. yeah - finnish party. the bad thing was, that the alc was already empty at 11.30h and they didn't want to make more... it was kind of frustrating to see everyone drunk but being sober oneself. yeah. that's doom... still it was ok.
the way home took us really long, so we were home at 4.30h...
we slept until 12 and in the afternoon we went to helsinki to see the chinese new-year celebration. it was pretty nice =)
now i'm just tired. and i will enjoy my holidays where i will hopefully find time to sleep
u germans i wish a nice "narrenzeit". rockt die malle-party und macht keine dummen sachen
and don't forget to watch the new photos from lapland
u hear from me soon!
17.2.07 20:38


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Mira (20.2.07 12:24)
Orschel - helau!
Vantaa - helau!
Malle - helau!

Keine Skandale, aber das weißt du ja schon

anja (21.2.07 11:06)
haha. besser so für manche von euch :P wenn ich da so an letztes jahr denke
mal sehn, ob ich nächtes jahr mal zur abwechslung auf die malle-party geh irgendwie hat es mich da noch nie hinverschlagen...

Flo / Website (22.2.07 14:54)
hehe, du wirst nächstes jahr wenn es eine gibt dazu gezwungen, so einfach

Linda (23.2.07 13:58)
jaa aber hallo wirst du das!!!
oh man ich freu mich schon jetzt da drauf weil dann ist endlich wieder party! im moment sieht das leben hier so trostlos und langweilig aus^^

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