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yeah, first of all sry that i'm so lazy with writing... it's just always such hard work, to write something in here
just a small episode from my life...
today i decided to bake something with freya. yeah everything went quite ok, we had all the incredients and managed to mix them to a dough. then we put it into the oven and after half an hour i went to watch how the cake looks like... i was taking the form out of the oven an noticed that it is still liquid. also the oven wasn't really hot... well, then i saw that it was too little heat. ok, problem solved.
but no.... 10 minutes passed and i went to watch again. still not hot and still liquid. my brain started to work and it popped into my mind that we had forgotten to add the flour^^ yeaah. so, now a question: can u make a cake without flour where it is supposed to be in? i think the answer is no. but the positive thing was, that i put the oven in the wrong way, so it was still liquid and we could add the flour afterwards^^ and finally, after another 30minutes the cake was ready and even tasted really delicious =)
yeah... what other things happened? - not really much though..
- i destroyed one of the most important things in a finnish household: the coffee-can. that let my family to buy a new coffee machine.
- about one week later i managed to destroy a tea-can. but that wasn't that bad at all, cuz it was never really in use and just blogging the cupboard...
- i have fun in my dancing lessons
- i manage to speak finnish with my hostfamily
- we finally have quite a lot of snow
- nearly half of my exchange year is over
- i manage to run out of money after half of one month
- i can't sleep before 12
- i can't get up before 7
- i have a password for the school computer
- i have learned to walk better on a slippery ground (with sneakers)
- i'm watching at least 2 series a week
- i don't notice subtitles anymore and even read them now and then
- i got used to unseasoned food
- i think 2,9€ for a shampoo is cheap
- and 7€ for a salad is quite normal
- i don't notice people coming late to class anymore or coming late myself
- i can't live without school-food anymore (eventhough it's crappy at times)
- 75minutes lessons seem normal now

ok, i think that's it.... just 3 weeks to lapland =) really looking forward to that!

have a nice time.
moi moi. mä menen nukumaan - gute nacht!
13.1.07 23:37


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