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...i write again. the last weeks i was just too lazy or didn't have enough time.
where do i start? well, perhaps i just begin with last week monday, cause i'm too lazy to write about the whole last weeks
monday was just a normal day. i had finnish and there we had our test. well it was quite ok. because of the test i was at home earlier and could watch taydelliset naiset =) on tuesday i went to helsinki in the afternoon to do the final christmas shopping and fit my dress again. i found all the presents, so now i don't need to buy any more...
wednesday we got our tests back in school. they were quite good, except maths. but anyway. i don't need the grades, so i don't care in the afternoon i had finnish. but before i went to helsinki to bring my packet to the post. just imagine how cheap it is to send a packet from finland to germany with priority! you just have to spend 35€ für 2,4kg! it was more expensive then all the presents^^ on wednesday i also got my dress from the shop and a packet from my parents. all kinds of sweets <3, ligretto (<3<3<3)and my birthday presents. in finnish we also got back our tests. mine was good. it was the last finnish lesson and somehow that is a bit sad, because now i don't see all the people there again. it was always so much fun!
on thursday i had birthday. why can't it be 18?! hehe... yeah, somehow it was more or less a normal day. in the afternoon i got a really nice necklace of my hostparents and unpacked the presents of my parents. 3 german books =) then i started to clean, because i had invited some people for friday and so the house had to be clean.
yeah, friday i baked and in the evening my friends came. it was a nice evening, eventhough we didn't have any alcohol. somehow strange, cause all my last birthdays were connected with alcohol^^ the atmosphere was nice and i got nice presents as well. we really had a lot of fun with lieves present: skandinavian hunks =) sooo great^^
barbara stayed overnight and on the next day we went to helsinki to meet the thai girls. we went to pizza hut and had to wait for our pizzas for almost 1 hour. therefore we could have some free salad, but that was really bad. it tasted like nothing... in the evening i watched tv and chatted. and betty gave me a link to a really good techno radio in the internet <3
today i had a lazy day. i read and than i arranged all my new music. thanks to barbara! it was soooo cool of u to bring all this music!
then i had sauna and now i probably watch some tv.
thanks to everyone who celebrated my birthday with me! and also thanks for all the calls, e-mails or other presents. a big thanks also to betty, who had really special gift
just one week of school and then holidays <3
17.12.06 19:51


Hyvää Joulua!

just a small entry to wish u a Merry X-Mas! i hope u'll have really nice days with wonderful people and nice presents!

Hyvää Joulua! xxx
23.12.06 22:24

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