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well, then i start monday last week, cause the last entry had been on sunday.
on monday i had an interview for our schoolmagazine. we had to answer the typical questions like: "why did u want to come to finland?" argh, i really can't hear that question any more. but anyway it was quite funny, cause the other two exchange students and me gave really silly answers. yeah, will be fun to read it^^
after this i went to meet freya. first we stayed at her home, but beause this was getting kind of boring we decided to go to Myyrmänni to drink a coffee. after looking for an appropriate café for about 20 minutes we finnally had made our choice. and i wanted to order in finnish, but the problem was, that they didn't know which coffee i wanted, cause this was some kind of special thing. and they didn't seem to know what they offered. well, anyway, finnaly i ended up with a latte machiato and freya with a really small cappuccino. after we had finished our drinks we went around the shopping centre and freya showed me a supermarket were you can get shampoo/showergel etc. a little cheaper than in cityMarket. and i found my favourite showergel which made the day kinda perfect =) then we bought überraschungseier - kinda feeling at home. and we went to a pet-shop where i saw really cute guinea-pigs
at 9 i was home again - right on time for desperate housewives =)
tueday i went eating pizza with alexandra, which was really good. i just love pizza. and i have missed it sooo much!!!
ok, have to stop now, cause i have to help preparing the lunch... you know, it's father's day, by the way ... to be continued later.
ok, to be continued now.
wednesday i did nothing. just enjoyed myself and started to re-write my finnish exercise book [should finnish that...].
thursday was a normal school-day again and in the evening i was home alone. this time i used for playing the guitar quite long =) was nice.
friday i went to ale's place after school and in the evening we went to see Jasmin's performance. it was really nice. they had indian music and dancing.
on saturday i was shopping with ale. and we saw REALLY crazy people there. e.g., there was a man with no hair at all, but 2 red horns, so he looked like a devil. yeah it was scary. i wanted to fit my dress, but this shop was just about to close in 10 minutes and so i have to go there tomorrow again. well, perhaps i will take some pictures of finnish style tomorrow - perhaps i can find somethin alike the devil-man.
during shopping we also went to subway and had a whole bread. then we went home to watch a film and then i went home.
today was/is father's day, the reason why i couldn't join Lieve at the health and beauty fair...
in the morning we had breakfast, then we went bowling, which was pretty fun and then we had raclette. now i should learn some finnish, which i probably will. yeah. i'm a good girl, i know

so, let me know how you're doing.

12.11.06 17:42



As long as it is "bright" it is just grey. but i really mean grey. you have the feeling as if you are in some kind of strange dream and can't open your eyes probably. the bad thing is, that it will probably get worse untill 21. december. well, today it rained the whole day. i'm always glad when it gets really dark, so it's not grey anymore. i can really understand now, why finnish people drink so much coffee and why you can buy all the energy-drinks/chewing-gums etc here. think i have to start taking this "drugs", too, soon.
i can't believe i'm really taking spanish again. why the hell do i take that?! i never wanted to have it in school again... well, will be funny, cause i really can't remember it anymore.
finnish has started again, but it's pretty fun, and i'm just laughing the whole lesson.
today i've been in Kiasma (modern arts museum) with my arts class. was quite nice, really. we didn't stay there too long. and there was a room, where there was a table with a lamp on it and a "mirror" on the wall. when u went in front of "the mirror" you couldn't see yourself in it. but the mistery revealed when u tried to tuch the "mirror", cause then u discoveres, that there is just another room with the same stuff in it.
ok, what else?! nothinginteresting though. well, perhaps except the fact, that i started going to the gym again (after 4 months!). and i can tell u, my arms are hurting like hell! [@fridde & linda: had to start with the "stange" again^^ but it's heavier here - really^^]
yeah, today the testweek started and will continue next week. after that the 3. jakso will begin, and with it the dancing lessons. i'm really wanna know if i can find a partner there^^
ok, so, going to learn some english now, or try to learn it
23.11.06 18:08

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